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Memorial Day and the Legacy of John McCain

May 28, 2018

Arizona Senator John McCain, a POW in North Vietnam for nearly five years, now battles a form of brain cancer that is usually terminal. He has urged colleagues in Congress to stop listening to “the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and on the Internet.” The former presidential candidate has long been committed “to serve a cause greater than oneself.”


The lout of a prison guard they called the “Bug” told Bud Day with a satisfied smirk that, “We’ve got the Crown Prince.”

As usual, Day, an Air Force major who would later receive the Medal of Honor, ignored the Bug.

Later in December 1967, the guards hauled a new prisoner strapped to a board into Day’s cell.

Day was in bad shape himself. He had escaped and was on the run for two weeks before being caught. The beatings had been merciless, but the condition of the new guy was something else.

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