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How to Age Well and Stay in Your Home

May 29, 2018

From The New York Times website

Barbara Ehrenreich, popular author and self-described mythbuster, has written about how, having reached her mid-70s, she has lived long enough and now forgoes regular medical exams. And Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a 60-year-old oncologist and bioethicist, argues that we might all be better off, himself included, if he dies at 75. But many who have reached that age — yours truly included — may prefer to think our lives are but three-quarters over.

We may hope to see grandchildren graduate from college, then perhaps marry and have families of their own. We may have projects to fulfill and a “bucket list” of places to visit. And we’d like to continue to live independently — albeit with hired help on occasion for overly challenging tasks — as long as possible.

Which raises the inevitable question: What will it take to age well in place, in the surroundings we’ve long cherished that bring us physical, social and emotional comfort?

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