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Webmaster Comments: 18.06.10

June 10, 2018

Mahalo to all the Soldiers and Airmen who are part of Joint Task Force 5-0. Their support of local government agencies are critical to the ongoing success of the operation.

Commissary/Exchange MergerAs reported in an early post, the merger proposal is moving forward. While exchanges have survived, commissaries have lost their customers to off base competition like Costco. There are a few in Congress who want to eliminate the commissaries. Any change could impact military members and retirees, and bears continued attention

Army Birthday Discounts. Stephen Lum emailed the following information about Army Birthday discounts. On June 14, using your Military Star Card at exchange facility for the following discounts.

10 cents off per gallon at Exchange service stations

15% off at participating Exchange restaurants (Popeyes, Burger King, etc.)

20% military pride apparel & souvenirs

$10 off purchases of $25 or more at exchange concessions

Back to the FutureThe recent post about the Air Force eliminating group commanders, is another recycled idea – that might work this time. Before the current group commander wing organization, there were the deputy commander organization. There was a Deputy Commander for Operations, Maintenance, and Support that came into existence a few years after the 154th Wing converted to the F-4C Phantoms. Prior to the deputy commander organization, unit commanders reported directly to the Wing commander. We have another full loop.

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