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Off Track: Best fried chicken – Our Top 5

September 22, 2018

From the Frolic Hawaii website

I just like start off by saying that my one true fried chicken love is/wuz/always going be Chicken Alice.  Though this local fried chicken joint closed down in da 90s, I still get fond memories. I can still remembah that batter, reminiscent of Pioneer Chicken, but slightly Korean kine spicy. When we find good food we like for share ’em with those we love, right. Das why my faddah took me to da Pearl Kai Chicken Alice, back when dey used to get da food court overlooking Pearl Harbor. An’den later on when I went college, I found myself taking my girlfriend at da time to da Kapiolani location for share my love of Chicken Alice with her.

Da Chicken Alice recipe is out there, given to her beloved followers by Chicken Alice herself. Maybe one day, I’ll find that one place that can recreate her magic. Until then, enough about living in da past. It’s time for move on to da present.  And more importantly, it’s time to forge new food memories with my children.

So with that said. . . AURITE, hea’s my top five.

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