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Off Track: Best Chicken Katsu: Our Top 5

September 23, 2018

From the Frolic Hawaii website

Ranking a hotly contested item like chicken katsu was no easy feat. Since everyone is passionate about their favorite, I ate chicken katsu from Kalihi to Haleiwa to find the best of the best.

I focused solely on local plate lunch-style chicken katsu — not the Japan-style chicken katsu you’ll find at Tonkatsu Tamafuji, Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin, Chiba-Ken, etc. (dang, their chicken’s guuud).

My original Top 5 ranking, compiled in 2015, featured Zippy’s, Sugoi, Young’s Kalbee, Queen St. Café & Grill and Nuuanu Okazuya. Only two of these are still in Top 5 territory three years later.

And the top five are:

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