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Off Track: 5 of Hawaii’s creepy urban legends and ghost stories

October 28, 2018

From the Hawaii Magazine website

Hawaii is full of haunted places. Sometimes it seems like you can’t make it to the next block, or street, or house without crossing some kind of hallowed ground—but you’d never know it. And everyone has their own stories of strange encounters with the supernatural that weave together Hawaiian mythology with imported legends and rituals from the many ethnic groups who’ve made Hawaii their home.

For example: I grew up in a constant state of readiness in the event that I crossed paths with night marchers: put your face down on the ground and don’t move. A more mundane example would be how I learned from my Chinese grandmother that whistling at night invited spirits, and slaps from her—the slaps were way more scary.

Here are five of Hawaii’s creepy urban legends, just in time for Halloween, but scary all year round.

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