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Check Six: Aloha Airlines 1968 – 51 years ago

January 10, 2019

Over the years, many Hawaii Air National Guard pilots flew for both Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines. There are probably a few who flew the BAC-111 during their flying careers.

More on the BAC-111. The British Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven, also known as the BAC-111 or BAC 1-11, is a British short-range jet airliner used during the 1960s and 1970s. It was the second short-haul jet airliner to enter service, following the French Sud Aviation Caravelle. The aircraft was also produced under licence in Romania during the 1980s as the Rombac One-Eleven.

The One-Eleven was conceived by Hunting Aircraft and developed by the British Aircraft Corporation when Hunting merged into BAC along with other British aircraft manufacturers in 1960. The One-Eleven was intended to replace the turboprop Vickers Viscount on short-range routes. The One-Eleven entered the market ahead of rivals such as the Douglas DC-9-10, which gave it a temporary edge on the market.

The aircraft proved popular with domestic airlines and various international operators. Over half of the One-Eleven’s sales at launch were to the US. The One-Eleven was one of the most successful British airliner designs, and served until a widespread retirement in the 1990s, which was partly due to introduction of aircraft noise restrictions in many European nations. As of 2013, two examples remain in service as testbeds for Northrop-Grumman. (Wikipedia)

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