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Check Six – 1979: F-4 Maintenance

February 17, 2019

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph | click to enlarge

This photograph shows a F-4C Phantom II in the old fighter hanger (Bldg 3400). We are not sure if this is a phased inspection or a lot of panels taken off to fix a complicated system problem.

A strange thing in the photograph is the aircraft paint configuration. The upper part of the aircraft is in a gray paint scheme, but the under side of the folded up wing is a camouflage paint scheme.

Any maintenance retirees know the reason for the difference the paint configuration?

The 199th Fighter Squadron flew F-4C Phantoms from 1976–1987. In the transition from single seat F-102A Delta Daggers, the squadron gained weapon systems officers (WSOs) and doubled in size.

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