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41 Retired Generals Sign Memo Defending Transgender Military Service

March 1, 2019

From the Air Force Magazine website

Forty-one retired senior military leaders—including four Air Force general officers—called for the Trump administration to call off its legal defense of the Defense Department’s transgender military service ban in a Feb. 26 memo from the Palm Center research institute, whose work focuses on gender and sexuality issues within the US Armed Forces.

In the memo, the former DOD leaders cautioned that continued legal defense of the ban “will undermine the integrity of United States military judgement,” adding the ban goes against senior military leaders’ judgement, medical findings, “and the experiences” of the US and foreign militaries. They expressed solidarity with the Joint Chiefs’ testimony about the success of trans-inclusive service and the risks that “discrimination and double standards” pose to combat effectiveness.

They also countered the argument that transgender military service is financially forbidding, noting that, in fiscal 2017, DOD data showed that transition-related medical costs equated to “less than one-tenth of a percent of its annual health care budget for the Active Component.”  – Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory

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