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DoD wants to sharply cut commissary budget as overall defense budget increases

March 16, 2019

From the Military Times website

The commissary budget will take a 21 percent cut in fiscal 2020, if the Defense Department’s budget request is approved by Congress.

Defense officials are asking for $995 million in taxpayer funding to operate the 236 commissary stores worldwide, down from $1.27 billion in fiscal 2019, according to DoD budget documents released Tuesday.

The Defense Commissary Agency’s budget reduction “is tied to a series of DoD internally directed cuts that began in fiscal 2016,” said DoD spokeswoman Air Force Lt. Col. Carla Gleason. Since that time, she said, the commissary agency has been taking steps, to “reduce its operating costs to meet anticipated topline funding, while still maintaining customer service levels and congressionally mandated patron savings levels.”

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