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Webmaster Comments: 19.03.16

March 16, 2019

Update on yesterday’s post. Check Six: 169 AC&WS Celebration

Randy Tom emailed that he believes the photograph is from 1984. The squadron did move into the Hawaii Regional Operations Control Center (HIROCC) on June 29, 1984. This photograph could have been taken at the conclusion of annual training.

Earlier Retiree News post on the 169 AC&WS

More Photographs. Thanks to those who sent in old and new photographs to Retiree News. For the older photographs, it usually takes a little longer to post them because we need to identify those in the photographs.

If you have any old or new photographs of current and retired Guardmembers, please scan them to JPEGs and email them to Retiree News at Any photographs posted receive a lot of views on Retiree News.

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