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This Is Where Americans Actually Want to Retire

April 7, 2019

From the Go Banking Rates website

When it comes to retirement, one of the key factors influencing Americans is location, location, location. Geography can shape your retirement by any number of factors — both positive and negative.  In order to really figure out where Americans are thinking about retiring, GOBankingRates conducted a survey and asked the following questions:

– Do you plan on relocating in retirement?

– What is the primary reason you’re considering relocating in retirement?

– Which region sounds most appealing for your retirement?

– What features would you like your retirement residence to have?

– In your best estimate, how much money will relocating cost you?

– Approximately, how much money have you saved for retirement?

The survey questions elicited all kinds of fascinating responses, especially when it comes to relocating — or staying put — in retirement. Click through to see the best places to retire — according to Americans.

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