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Off Track: Mokulua

May 4, 2019

From the Images of Old Hawaii website

Fands Media photograph | click to enlarge

Mokulua (meaning, “the two islands”) are two islets off the windward coast of O‘ahu. They are also commonly known as “The Mokes” or the “Twin Islands.” The larger island is also known as Moku Nui, Big Moke and Two Humps (13-acre land area.) The smaller island is also known as Moku Iki, Baby Moke and One Hump (9-acre land area.)

These old offshore islets (as well as many others off O‘ahu and around the Neighbor Islands) form the Hawai‘i State Seabird Sanctuary, created to protect the thousands of seabirds who seek refuge in and around the main Hawaiian Islands. Mokulua are primary nesting sites for ‘Ua‘u kani (Wedge-tailed Shearwater) and ‘Ou (Bulwer’s Petrel.)

Clearly marked paths on the shoreline of Mokulua North are the only places visitors are allowed to walk. In addition to the no alcohol rules, bringing dogs to the islet, camping and campfires are prohibited.
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