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Where to Find Help for Difficult Caregiving Tasks

June 17, 2019

From the nextavenue website

Caring for a family member, friend or neighbor whose health is compromised by illness, injury or age can be among life’s greatest challenges. And the results of a new AARP study confirm that many non-professional caregivers are doing more medical and nursing tasks than ever.

Home Alone Revisited highlights the breadth and complexity of the tasks demanded of today’s family caregivers. A follow-up to AARP’s 2012 Home Alone study, the new study shows more caregivers are assuming responsibility for particularly demanding procedures once considered the exclusive domain of medical professionals, such as managing incontinence, pain and special diets.

Among the study’s major findings:

Today’s caregivers provide intense and complex care managing health conditions, including pain.

Caregivers who are socially isolated or have no choice in caregiving are more at risk for experiencing difficulties with complex care.

Health systems are not doing enough to prepare unpaid caregivers.

The results reflect the perfect storm of an aging population, escalating health care costs and shortened hospital stays.

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