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Check Six – 1946: Trans-Pacific Airlines

June 19, 2019

The airline was founded as charter carrier Trans-Pacific Airlines by publisher Ruddy F. Tongg, Sr. as a competitor to Hawaiian Airlines, commencing operations on July 26, 1946, with a single World War II-surplus Douglas C-47 (DC-3) on a flight from Honolulu to Maui and Hilo. The name reflected Tongg’s vision of a trans-oceanic airline connecting California, Hawaii, and China. It soon earned the nickname “The Aloha Airline” and was flying four aircraft by the end of the year. Approval to operate as a scheduled airline came when President Harry S. Truman signed the certificate on February 21, 1949, with the first scheduled flight on June 6, 1949, following ceremonies held the previous day. (Wikipedia)

Trans-Pacific Airlines transitioned to Aloha Airlines in late 1958. On March 30, 2008, Aloha Airlines announced the suspension of all scheduled passenger flights, with the final day of operation to be March 31, 2008.

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