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Check Six – 1830: Fort Kekuanohu

August 3, 2019

From the Images of Old Hawaii website

Retiree News Photograph

It was initially started by Russians; they told Kamehameha they to build a storehouse near Honolulu Harbor. Instead, they began building a fort and raised the Russian flag. It was at Pākākā and close to the King’s complex.

When Kamehameha discovered the Russians were building a fort (rather than storehouses) he sent several chiefs to remove the Russians from Oʻahu by force, if necessary. They left and headed to Kauai and built Fort Elizabeth there in Waimea.

The partially built blockhouse at Honolulu was finished by Hawaiians under the direction of John Young and mounted guns protected the fort. Its original purpose was to protect Honolulu by keeping enemy or otherwise undesirable ships out.

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The photograph above shows the cannon at remains at the end of the Fort Street Mall in Honolulu.

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