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Webmaster Comments: 19.09.02

September 1, 2019

New Hampshire National Guard Benefit: A new executive order ensures that all former and current members of the New Hampshire National Guard are guaranteed a job interview with the state for most publicly posted job opportunities for which a member meets the minimum qualifications.

Governor Chris Sununu signed the order Monday. It builds on a memorandum of understanding from earlier this year that guarantees members of the U.S. Army an interview with the state of New Hampshire. 

Sununu said the action will help boost the Guard’s recruiting efforts. (Military Times, August 27, 2019)

Correction: MSgt Warren Faurot emailed an update to an earlier Retiree News post: Check Six: HIANG Members – 16 years ago. Retiree News reported that TSgt Jamie (Hasuike) Wong had left the HIANG. She still serves in the 201st Air Operations Group (201 OG). Mahalo to Warren for the update!

Replacement Social Security Cards Online: Lost your Social Security card? You can get a replacement online at this link. You do have to setup a my Social Security account if you don’t have one. Thanks to Scot Fujioka for sharing this information!

TRICARE Clarification: There are several articles about a possible TRICARE refund in military papers and on social media. This refund is a result of a change to how the system calculates their annual out-of-pocket maximum payment. However, it is only applies to those who are enrolled in TRICARE Prime. If you are enrolled in TRICARE Prime, learn more about this possible refund here.

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