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HIARNG soldiers bring aloha, and safety, to 7 bases in Afghanistan

November 12, 2019

From the Honolulu Star Advertiser website

HIARNG soldiers Sgt. Bradley Padama-Kinere, left, Staff Sgt. Paul Calamayan, 2nd Lt. Francisco Barba, Spc. Andrew Octubre and Spc. Shaun Dela Calzada show care packages they received. They are with the C-RAM mission in Uruzgan province in Afghanistan.

This Veterans Day, while many head to the beach or cook burgers on the grill, about 350 Hawaii Army National Guard soldiers are on unique duty in Afghanistan, and will continue to be through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations that they’ll miss before heading home in the spring.

They are most certainly missed at home, but they are also loved at the seven bases where they are stationed — and not just for the aloha spirit and shakas that they bring.

The 1st Battalion, 487th Field Artillery soldiers have a mission known as “counter-rocket, artillery, mortar,” or C-RAM for short, using a weapon system that shoots down incoming enemy rockets with a rapid-fire pulse of 20-mm rounds.

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Another great article by William Cole, who handles most of the military related reporting for the Honolulu Star Advertiser. 

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