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Check Six: Setting Off Fireworks in Honolulu

December 31, 2019
Off the “Remember Oahu from the Past” Facebook page

Originally a Chinese tradition, most families set off at least one 10,000 box for good luck in the new year. Other families, like in the photograph above, bought boxes of firecrackers.

At midnight, the sound of the firecrackers filled the night like a wartime firefight. Skyrockets lit up the sky more than the largest Fourth of July fireworks display.

Health concerns and the ever-present threat of house fires moved the City Council to pass a new law limited firework sales in 2012.

Prior to the new law, sales were unlimited. The new law required a $25.00 permit for each purchase 5,000 fireworks. Sales are now limited to resident 18 years and older. Firecrackers may only be used on holidays, including New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, Fourth of July and other cultural events approved by the HFD on a case-by-case basis.

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