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Webmaster Comments 20.02.10

February 10, 2020

FeedbackLast week, Retiree News posted a Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum video featuring a F-102 Delta Dagger #53-366 with its 154th Wing tail flash and “Col John “Saigon” Lee” on the canopy.

Former HIANG Commander, Col (Ret) Clinton “Church” Churchill, emailed the following comments:

Kudos in particular to Maj. Gen. Peter Pawling for trusting that the museum would take good care of the 154th Wing “gate guards” previously displayed outdoors and for which there was no budget to maintain nor restore.

Church is correct. Skipper faced some opposition when he agreed to move the F-102, and  the F-4 Phantom to the museum. With no budget to maintain static display aircraft, the planes condition was deteriorating over the years. As you can see from the video, the planes received more care at the museum. Some of those working on these planes were retired 154th Wing maintenance personnel who knew these aircraft well. 

Although he is too modest to mention it, Church was the president of museum’s board of directors for several years.

Retiree News would like to thank Skipper, Church and everyone else who worked to restore these aircraft. Great work by everyone.

Elections – an opportunity for change: Recently, we saw this comment under an article about a national issue on news website.

America, please stop referring to the President or the members of the Senate or House of Representatives as our “leaders”.

We do NOT answer to them.

They are our elected representatives and should constantly be reminded of that fact.

Elections are your opportunity to make changes to who represents you. In Hawaii, the primary election is on Saturday, August 8, 2020 with the general election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. 

As a local saying goes, “No vote – no grumble.”

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