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Volunteers Needed to Support Food Distribution: Operation Keep the Peace

April 1, 2020

The on going COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges as we adjust to stay-at-home requirements. Food distribution remains a challenge with 6 foot separation and hoarding of some items, especially for our elderly and those with mobility challenges. 

Miles Moriyama, a retired Hawaiʻi Air National Guard member, is working with Y. Hata & Co. Ltd. / ChefZone / King Specialty Foods to stand up a family meal box to trunk program. These boxes will contain proteins, produce, milk, eggs, etc. so families can prepare meals for 3 to 5 days depending on family size. Prepared meal boxes will be delivered directly into identified community areas. They plan to start in the Waianae area.

The mission statement is to convey peace and calm and ensure the public can be confident that there is no need to hoard food or stand in potentially compromised lines at grocery outlets.

The program will either take orders on a website (being developed) or collect cash at distribution point. 

Where they need volunteers:

– Packing boxes at either the Y. Hata facility on Sand Island or ChefZone in Airport Industrial area.

– Help at distribution points around O‘ahu. 

– Help in building a ground control communications plan and labor to work it.

– Help in building a safe zone quarantine plan to ensure the facility can stay sterile.

– Help in putting together a facility security program and implantation if needed.

If you want to volunteer or have questions, please contact Miles at 808-227-3390. Please leave a message if you get his voicemail. Speak clearly and slowly, leave your name & call back phone number and he will get back to you.

Mahalo for taking the time to read this bulletin, please be safe!

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