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Check Six – Mid 1950s: Preflight in the 1950s

April 13, 2020
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

This undated photograph shows Wade McVay in the cockpit of a North American F-86 Saber jet. Assisting him in the preflight checks is Simanu “Sam” Afoa

McVay flew P-47 Thunderbolts in the Europe occupation. He joined the Hawai‘i Air National Guard in 1949, flying the P-47 “Jugs.” He later transitioned to the F-86 Sabre 1952. He left the Guard in 1956 as his position as manager of the James Campbell Estate took up more of his time. Wade became Chief Executive Officer in 1960 and in 1976 was appointed as a Trustee of the Estate – a position he held until December 31, 1994. McVay passed in 2012. During his time in the 199th Fighter Squadron, he designed the squadron’s first patch.

Sam Afoa is acknowledged as the first Hawai‘i Air National Guard member of Samoan ancestry. He was from originally from Maui. He continued his maintenance career and was a member of the quality control office when he retired in the early 1980s. Sam was the North Windward Baptist Church minister for many years. Sam passed away in 2007.

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