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Hawai‘i Air National Guard Units

May 8, 2020

Recent Retiree News posts referenced newer Hawai‘i Air National Guard units. There were several requests about a compete list of HIANG units.

On the Hawaii Air National Guard website, there is a list of HIANG units, some with their Federal Recognition dates. 

Several new organizations use legacy identification numbers taken from units deactivated earlier. 

– The 201st Air Operations Group and the 201st Intelligence Squadron’s numbers is from the 201st Combat Communications Group (Hickam). 

– The 298th Air Defense Group’s number is from the 298th Air Traffic Control Flight (Barking Sands).

– Det 2, HQ HIANG, 109th Air Operations Group get its number from the 109th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron.

– Det 3, HQ HIANG, 150th Air Operations Squadron get its number from the 150th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron.

– Two units used the Det 4, HQ HIANG, 202nd Air Mobility Operations Squadron number. There was a 202th Combat Communications Flight at Hickam AFB which later became the 293rd Combat Communications Squadron. There was a 202nd Air Traffic Control Flight at Barking Sands. 

The website still lists the 293rd Combat Communications Squadron, but the unit deactivated on November 5, 2016. The squadron’s legacy identification number will continue with the eventual activation of the 293rd Space Control Squadron. 

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