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Webmaster Comments 20.05.27

May 27, 2020

Senior National Guard Leadership Transitions. Yesterday, the President nominated Major General Jon A. Jensen to serve as the next Director, Army National Guard. He currently serves as the Adjutant General of Minnesota. After Senate confirmation, he will assume the duties of the director and promoted to lieutenant general.

General Jensen will replace Lieutenant General Daniel R. Hokanson, who was earlier nominated to become the Chief, National Guard Bureau and promotion to general. The current Chief, General Joseph L. Lengyel, served from August 2016 and will retire.

Earlier, Maj. Gen. Michael A. Loh, the adjutant general of Colorado, was nominated to be Air Guard director. If confirmed, he would be promoted to lieutenant general and would replace Lt. Gen. L. Scott Rice, who has served as Air Guard director since May 2016 and will retire.

Earlier Retiree News post on the nomination of Generals Hokanson and Loh

This will be the first time, the Chief and the Directors of the Army and Air National Guard, are former adjutants general.

Maui Quizon, President of Hawaii National Guard Enlisted Association (HNGEA), emailed a legislative update letter to Retiree News, requesting it be posted. Read his letter

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