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Images of Old Hawaii Website – Pau Hana

June 2, 2020

Since its start, the Retiree News website has linked stories featured on the Images of Old Hawaii website. There were stories about the military in Hawai‘i, important island locations, and the background on local celebrations. Most stories included historic photographs. An ongoing series of articles we linked were about local high schools and their history. 

The website is run by Peter T. Young. He currently is the principal of Ho‘okuleana LLC, a planning and real estate-oriented consulting firm. Earlier in his career, he serviced as Director of the State Department of Land and Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Officer and Deputy Managing Director for Hawaiʻi County. As he summarizes, 

These posts are part of a personal learning experience; I have been searching to learn more about the place I and my family were born, raised, and live (and love) – then, share what I have learned. (He is a direct descendant of the first missionaries)

So, I am sharing some insights, events and places with others. These informal historic summaries are presented for personal, non-commercial and/or educational purposes. I hope you enjoy them. 

Earlier this month, Peter announced that his last post would be on June 1, 2020. He promised to keep the website active so you can continue to see the articles, and images so it will continue to serve as a historical research resource. 

We want to thank Peter for his detailed research leading to a daily articles over the past nine years. 

Type “Images of Old Hawaii” in the Search block in the right hand column to see some of the articles Retiree News linked over the years.

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