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Webmaster Comments 20.07.31

July 31, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues. The pandemic has changed many things in all our lives. Hopefully we can adjust to facemasks, social distancing, quarantine, and other measures. Unless there is an immunization produced soon, we will have to endure these preventive measures longer.

Los Angeles Times journalist Julia Wick wrote more about vaccines in her Essential California newsletter: 

When there’s a vaccine…

That phrase has become a kind of mantra in recent months, a catch-all for how and when we’ll finally be able to put the pieces of our coronavirus-shattered world back together.

We’ll send our children back to school without fear … when there’s a vaccine. We’ll return to conventions, crowded sports stadiums and packed concerts … when there’s a vaccine. We’ll embrace our friends and family, return to work as we knew it and leave our homes without a mask … when there’s a vaccine. Four simple words, around which we have conditionally rescheduled the rest of our lives.

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Personally, the pandemic has brought out several meanings to the word “quarantine”:
Isolation – Seclusion – Confinement – Separation – Isolation – Seclusion – Confinement – Separation – Detention – SAFE

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