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Lower Observable Airmen keep Hawaiian Raptors Stealthy

September 2, 2020
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Stealth technology is one of the prime reasons why the Hawaiian Raptors are able to dominate the skies and keep the Pacific safe from any aerial threat that comes too close to home, and it’s all possible because of the work of Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance Airmen.

Of all the specialized career fields that come with Fifth Generation Fighters, these professionals work in a diverse environment that is comparable to the ‘auto-body shop’ of the flight line.

These specialists are equipped with a comprehensive knowledge base of chemistry and physics to advise on structural repair, modification and corrosion protection and are always on the move.

Unlike many other units in the HIANG, the Lower Observable flight is mostly comprised of full-time guardsmen who pursue long-termed careers as federal technicians and are also on Active Duty status, alongside our Total Force Partners.

On top of that, there’s opportunity for enlistment bonuses, pay increases for civilian positions and shorter-termed tours for those who are seeking seasonal employment.

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