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Webmaster Comments 20.10.01

October 1, 2020

Kūkā‘ilimoku Newsletter Posts. Retiree News has received great positive feedback about our Kūkā‘ilimoku posts. Theodore Merrill compilated the newsletters when he served as the 154th Wing historian. It was part of his 2001 report is on file with the Air Force Historical Research Center, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. 

The report contained most the issues from 1954 through 1997. There are a few months missing because of several combined issues and months without newsletters.

Retiree News will post all these issues in the coming months so readers will have the opportunity so see the entire run before our pau hana. 

These old Kūkā‘ilimoku issues provide interesting views of the Hawai‘i Air National Guard over the years. Learning about early training deployments by individual and units bring back memories. Reading about young airmen being promoted who later became senior officers brings a smile. Older issues have shown several claims of “a first” happened earlier in our organization history.

Of special interest is the extensive sports program the Hawai‘i Air National Guard and the Hawai‘i National Guard had over the years. These programs faced challenges as deployment and activations began and increased.

It is truly unfortunate that a few years later, the Air Force chose to eliminate historian billets at the wing level.

Ted did a great job as the Wing historian. He was a Traditional Guardmember who served with the Honolulu Police Department. A few years after his retirements, he relocated back to Arizona to be closer to his family.

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