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Avoid These 16 US States When You Retire

November 7, 2020

From the MoneyWise website

So, you’re pretty sure you want to retire in the U.S., but where exactly within the 50 states will you settle after your working years?

Every year, multiple studies claim they can show you which states are best or worst for retirement. But they almost never agree, so you’re left to compare their recommendations and draw your own conclusions. And who’s got time for that, while you’re trying to get your retirement savings squared away?

Well, we’ve got your back. To cut through the clutter of retirement studies, we’ve taken three of those annual state rankings and have essentially averaged them into one master list. You might consider these the worst of the worst states for retirement — counting down to the state at the very bottom.

OUR METHODOLOGY: We added each state’s retirement rankings from Bankrate, WalletHub and MoneyRates to create scores out of a possible 150. The higher the score, the lower the state ranks as a retirement destination.

Is Hawai‘i on the list?

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