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204th Airlift Squadron Nominated for Air Force Award

December 2, 2020

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Congrats to the 204th Airlift Squadron, HIANG Rescue Airdrop Alert Team, which has been nominated for the 2021 General Mark A. Welsh III One Air Force Award.

This Air Force-level award is presented for mission success achieved by a team made up of two or more Total Force components.  It recognizes the team that best demonstrates exemplary improved effectiveness, operational readiness, or mission accomplishment through integrated solutions.

The HIANG Rescue Airdrop Alert Team as a member of Task Force 45 Rescue Airdrop Team directly supported the United States’ successful return to launching and recovering NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center. The rescue support provided by the HIANG Rescue Airdrop Alert Team has been integral in ushering in a new era of space travel. Additionally, the success of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program provided a cost-savings of over $93 million for each manned mission in lieu of paying $81-million per passenger on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

The 204th Airlift Squadron, the lead coordinator for the C-17 alert mission, also played a critical role in creating a new mission set for the HIANG and C-17 weapon system at large.

We are honored to have the team and all they have accomplished, represent the HIANG at the national level for this prestigious Award and wish them the best of luck!

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