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Webmaster Comments: The End of a Difficult Year

December 31, 2020
Photograph off the PacHD web site

Today is December 31, 2020, the last day of 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic and other trying events made this a difficult year worldwide. Hawaii took extraordinary actions to minimize COVID-19 transmission. 

Government directives shut down companies and unemployment reached record highs as the pandemic spread. The overwhelmed unemployment system slowed payments. Sadly, many companies, especially restaurants, closed permanently. 

Mandated stay at home periods caused families to become teachers as distance learning began. The supply chain struggled to keep up with demand. There were shortages of toilet paper, and many food items.

But as we enter 2021: 

Don’t Worry – Life is Still Not Cancelled

Be thankful for what you have – especially your family and friends.

Continue to stay SAFE.

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