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Off Track: How to Get More Plant-Based Meat onto Plates in 2021

January 16, 2021

From the Wired Magazine website

Faux burgers and chicken nuggets are having a moment. In 2018, Impossible Foods, the Silicon Valley–based alternative meat company known for its plant-based burger that “bleeds” like the real thing, made its nationwide fast food debut at all White Castle locations in the US.

A year later, KFC partnered with Los Angeles–based alt-protein producer Beyond Meat to create a plant-based fried chicken that is “finger lickin’ good.” And since the onset of the pandemic, sales of plant-based meats from supermarkets have more than doubled. Once reserved only for hippies and PETA employees, protein alternatives have finally entered the mainstream.

But that doesn’t mean industrial animal agriculture is on its way out. Far from it. Continue reading

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