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Check Six – 2012: Old Friends at the Makani Pahili Planning Meeting

January 21, 2021
Retiree News photograph

This photograph shows Anson Kimura and Gary Mizumoto attending the Makani Pahili 2012 planning meeting. Anson, a retired Hawaii Army National Guard member, had recently left the then-State Civil Defense and was working for Booz Allen Hamilton. Gary was the Director of Logistics with the 201st Combat Communications Group. 

Meaning “strong winds,” Makani Pahili is the State of Hawai’i’s annual hurricane preparedness exercise. The exercise included involvement of the Governor, as well as Mayors and the state adjutant general; as well as federal, private, and non-governmental organization stakeholders.

Specific exercise plans and objectives vary by year. In the past, exercises have included tabletop exercises, functional exercises for each county’s Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), and full scale exercises. 

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