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Check Six – 1976: George Joy’s Fini Flight

February 1, 2021

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These undated photographs show George JoyJames AshfordSiegfried “Ziggy” Azevedo, and Jose “Rivah” Rivera.

It was George’s “Fini” flight and probably happened in 1977. George was one of several 199th Fighter Squadron pilots who did not crosstrain to the F-4 Phantoms.

According to sources, this two ship mission was the last F-102A Delta Dagger training flight for the squadron. Jim Ashford landed first with George following, making him the pilot who flew the last Deuce mission.

After his retirement, George became the U.S. Coast Guard Safety Officer in Hawaii. He passed away in 2019. Earlier Retiree News post about George Joy.

Jim Ashford served as the commander of the then-154th Tactical Fighter Group from 1962 through 1978 when he retired. He passed away in 2014.  Earlier Retiree News post about Jim Ashford.

Ziggy served for many years in aircraft maintenance before his retirement. A great mechanic. After his retirement, he moved to Kamuela, where he passed in 2010.

Rivah, another great mechanic, served for many years until his retirement. We do not have any information about his current status.

Mahalo to Chris Thompson, a volunteer at the Naval Air Museum Barbers Point for sharing these photographs with Retiree News

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