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National Guard Magazine: January/February 2021

February 26, 2021

The January/February 2021 issue of the National Guard magazine features the following articles:

Force of Nature. America may have just completed its toughest year in decades while the National Guard, in many respects, had one of its best. The Guard’s profile has never been higher. Some are calling 2020 the Year of the Guard. That can only help us going forward. I just wish it had come under different circumstances.

Our country suffered a great deal last year, but the pain would have been far worse if not for the men and women of the Guard. Examples abound. Continue reading

Automation’s Edge. Technology will soon take a load off of ground troops in the field and enable them to see threats over hills and into buildings.

Infantry squads will still carry 100 pounds of gear, ammo, water and batteries each, but much of it will no longer be on their backs. Instead, it will follow in an eight-wheeled robotic pack mule that can carry 1,000 pounds for 60 miles or 72 hours on a single charge. Continue reading

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