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Check Six – 1980s: Bill’s Orientation Ride

March 22, 2021
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

This undated photograph show William “Bill” Rodrigues after his F-4 Phantom orientation flight. Fliying the mission was Michael “Boss” Tice, the future 154th Wing commander.

Annually, Hawaii Air National Guard Outstanding Airmen awardees were offered orientation rides. These rides continued through the F-15 Eagle era.

If you enlarge the photograph, you will see painted on the F-4 the aircrew assignment. The aircraft commander is Michael “Rainbow” Chow and the weapons systems officer is Edwin “Skip” Vincent. Rainbow was a great pilot. He had medical challenges and passed on May 12, 2009. Skip served in the 154th Wing and later at then-Pacific Commander (PACOM); he retired as a brigadier general.

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