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Check Six – Early 1980s: Engine Shop and Friends

April 19, 2021
Personal photograph used with permission

Thanks to John “JC” Chun for sharing this undated photograph. He and Grant Suzui identified most of the members in the photograph. Many friendly faces from a long time ago.

Top Row: Jeffrey Banuilos, Mark Coulbourne, Larry Kauleinamoku, Eden Spurlin, Grant Suzuki, David Leong

Middle Row: John Wahinekapu, Arthur Seto, Robert Hoggan, unknown part timer, Scott Stenstrom, unknown part timer, Mark Bustin, Richard Castaneda, William Beck, Larry Derego, unknown,

Front Row: David Pontes, Norman Ault, Gay Ross, Elwin Kaneshiro, Louise Lum, unknown Supply, Jan DeRego, Michael Crail, Melvin Ige, unknown part timer, John “JC” Chun

Kneeling: unknown part timer, Kimo Keanini, Owen Uehara, Wallace Yara, Preston Ares, Annette Gagarin, Bernice Pharr, Rodney Leong, Richard Deveas, Steven Wada, William Austin

Grant Suzuki provided the following comments.

Believe the photograph was taken in the early 1980s. It is a J79 engine used in F-4 Phantoms in the background. The then-154th Composite Group converted to F-15 Eagles in 1985. Additionally, William “Bill” Austin, the Engine Shop chief, retired in 1983 or 84. 

I don’t recall the occasion, but it was on the drill weekend because of the Traditional members in the photograph. It is a little curious that the photograph included Guardmembers from supply, and admin sections. Maybe it was Bill Austin’s last drill weekend?

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