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Check Six – 1966: Armed Forces Day Open House

May 15, 2021

For many years, the Hickam AFB hosted a base open house on Armed Forces Day – the third Saturday in May. The open house featured many military aircraft static displays. Armed Forces Day evolved to Military Appreciation Month over the years. 

These photographs were sent to Retiree News by Roger A.C. “Big Daddy” Moore, who flew with the 199th Fighter Squadron in the 1960s. According to his email, they were sent to him by someone from England. His photographs were originally featured in the Retiree News e-newsletter on July 8, 2011. 

The open house was held on May 21, 1966. The then-154th Fighter Interceptor Group displayed a Convair F-102A Delta Dagger. The Group which they received the Deuces in 1960 and competed the conversion in 1962.

Big Daddy is seen in the cockpit with his orange flight suit. The Air Force later converted to the green suits. On the right shoulder of his flight suit is the 199th Fighter Interceptor Squadron “Deuce” patch.

If you look closely at the photo above, you will see someone in a “1505” uniform – the Air Force short sleeve uniform of the period – on the tarmac to the right of the aircraft.

A long time ago…

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