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Webmaster Comments 21.05.16

May 16, 2021

Memories. Some “Check Six” photographs posted on this website bring interesting comments from Hawai‘i Air National Guard retirees. They say these photographs bring back memories of “notable” members we served with over the years.

Stories of these “notable” members occurred in an different era that younger members find hard to understand.

Among the familiar names mentioned: George “GK” MeyerAlexander “Blackie” BellNicholas “Nick” TevesDavid Pontes, Wright “Buddy” UpchurchLeonard “Olie” OliveriaWayne SomaMelvin Souza. 

You can probably remember stories involving one or more of these HIANG members. Several retirees asked about sharing these stories from times past. The need to protect the innocent (and guilty) limits the publication of most of these stories. These stories are best shared over a beer to two when retirees gather to reminisce.

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