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Check Six – Mid-1970s: HQ Hawaii Air National Guard Staff

June 21, 2021

This post first appeared in Issue 109 of the e-newsletter Retiree News on January 18, 2011

The following photo was taken on the steps of the old Hawai‘i Air National Guard (HIANG) building on Diamond Head Road, where Kapi‘olani Community College is situated today. Brig Gen Robert Maguire served as Commander, HIANG and is seen here with the Headquarters staff. There is no reference date for the photo, but General Maguire served as commander from 1973-1976.

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph – click to enlarge

Row four: Cornwal Matsusaka, Scott Nomura, Ken Sonan, Darryl Lum, Douglas Souza, unknown, Catherine Asato (née Castillo)

Row three: Kozen Kaneshiro, Charles Wong, Richard Sanders, James Oshiro, Clifford Chee, Ralph Kaneshiro

Row two: Ronald Silva, Allen Mizumoto, David Wissmar III, Richie Kunichika, William Klopp, Kenneth Chong, Edward “Eddie” Anderson

Row one: Donald O’Day, Arthur Ishimoto, Melvin “MIG” Yen, Robert Maguire, John “Moon” Carroll, William Mossman, Richard Furuno

Arthur Ishimoto went on to serve as Commander HIANG (1976-1982) and Adjutant General (1982-1983). Allen Mizumoto later became Commander HIANG (1991-1993).

Before they retired, Clifford Chee, Kozen Kaneshiro, Ralph Kaneshiro, Cornwal Matsusaka, and Ken Sonan all became chief master sergeants.

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