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Congressional Gold Medal Awarded to Chinese Americans

July 19, 2021

From the KHON2 website

Earlier this year, the United States Congress awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to Chinese Americans who served during World War II. Leading the drive for the Chinese veterans was Hawaii’s former Adjutant General, Maj Gen Robert G.F. Lee. These are the same medals awarded to Japanese Americans in 2011. 

In the linked video, local television reporter Pamela Young reports on the medal and highlights several awardees. One of the awardees, George G.W. Lee, was a fighter pilot who served with the famous Flying Tigers squadron.

There is a Hawaii Air National Guard connection – Keith Lee. Watch the video here

More on the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Chinese Americans who served in World War II

Thanks to Dexter Chin for forward this link to Retiree News for posting.

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