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Off Track: Where to Eat If It’s Not Your First Time to O‘ahu

August 1, 2021

From the Frolic Hawaii website

Melissa Chang photograph from this article

Year in and year out, but especially now with the influx of visitors, I am asked by Hawai‘i expats about what new, trendy, tasty restaurants they should try.Y

And by “new,” they mean within the past three years, since many of our friends and relatives don’t get to visit all the time, right? In addition to hotspots like MW, Fête, Yakitori Ando (if you can get a seat), Istanbul, The Pig & The Lady, Senia and Café Miro, I have a list of places that I’ve been giving to my seasoned visitor friends.

Note: This list has been edited a lot to only include places where you realistically can get a seat. I have been calling for reservations at some favorites recently and am told that I can’t get in for at least a month! Hopefully as tourism and seating restrictions ease up, I can add to this list.

And these restaurants are

Melissa Chang graduated from the University of Hawai‘i with a degree in journalism and has been blogging since 2007, mostly on food and travel. She works primarily in social media, so you can find her online on Twitter and Instagram. Contact Melissa by e-mail at

Melissa is the younger sister of Nathan Chang, who served in the 169th Aircarft Control & Warning Squadron, and the late State Senator Tony Chang.

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