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Masks, lines and delays: How to prepare for busy US airports

August 5, 2021

From the Lonely Planet website

Despite the constant news of airport nightmares, I recently joined the masses and boarded my first flight in 16 months, traveling from Newark Liberty International Airport to El Paso International. Without any direct flight options, I gave myself ample time to transfer at what I knew was the nation’s busiest airport—Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International. During the outbound flight, I was able to navigate away from the (shockingly large) crowds for a breather—but the return flight was a different story. Though my transfer was at the prime dinner time of 7 pm, the only grab-and-go vendor open in the wing was McDonald’s—with a line snaking well into the terminal. I dodged into the only gift shop still open, just in time to grab a soda and bag of crackers before they closed for the night. Sure enough, days later, a story came out in the local paper that one-third of ATL’s restaurants remained shut down. 

If you haven’t flown in a while and are getting ready to travel again, here’s what you need to know before you go.

Note: With the Delta variant quickly spreading in the US, always check the latest information before making travel decisions.

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