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Airfield Management Specialists Ensure Safety and Success of HIANG Flight Operations

August 22, 2021

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Who do the pilots of exercise Sentry Aloha-21 depend on for mission success? Operating behind the scenes are the 154th Operations Support Squadron’s airfield management specialists. This small group of mission-critical service members helps to ensure the safety and success of HIANG flights operating out of Hickam Airfield and Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

But who the FOD cares? Airfield management specialists do! They clear the runway and taxiway of Foreign Object Debris which include everything that could pose a danger to an aircraft. This includes rocks and pebbles, aircraft parts, lost objects and the occasional dead animal. When the going gets tough, AMS personnel drop the shovels and utilize a tarmac sweeper or a tool they call the ‘FOD BOSS’ to quickly remove debris and get the job done.

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More photographs by SrA Robert Cabuco

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