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Check Six – Late 70s: School Tours

August 25, 2021
Hawaii Air National Guard photographs

Through the years, the Hawaii Air National Guard hosted school tours whenever the operations schedule allowed. These tours generated interest in aviation, the military and the HIANG.

Retiree News contacted Wayne “Wildman” Wakeman for comments about this photograph.

Sorry for drawing a blank on this one. Don’t know who the captain is. However, I’m a lieutenant here and that looks like a parachute harness that the guys in the Deuce’s flew. They carried their parachutes with them to the plane. Remember I was back flying the F-4 and the F-102 was also flying for a period of time until they scrapped them. We used to do dissimilar training with them.

Also, if you notice that the squadron patch is worn where the MAJCOM patch is now, on the right chest of the flight suit.

Anyway, that is an F-102 parachute harness. The F-4 had their parachutes in the seat. We only wore harnesses that hooked up to the parachutes in the seat of the aircraft.

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