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Sentry Aloha Planner Matt “Bad” Ohman Returns

August 29, 2021

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

If we had to nominate one of our partners who really knows how to embody the spirit of ‘Sentry Aloha’ it would, hands down, be this pilot right here, Lt. Col. Matthew ‘Bad’ Ohman.

Ohman dedicated years of his life, planning and directing several iterations of the Hawaii Air National Guard’s premier fighter exercise.

While he had recently passed on the torch as exercise lead and transferred back to his home unit on the mainland, he’s back with us again. However, this time he’s suiting up and participating as an F-15 Eagle pilot.

Not only that, but yesterday he took one of our flight doctors along for the ride in the back seat of his D model F-15.

Lt. Col. William Takashima, from the 199th Fighter Squadron, provides day-to-day medical care for Hawaiian Raptor aviators, and this incentive flight served as an opportunity to better understand the bodily affects of pulling multiple ‘Gs’ in a combat training scenario.

At the Flight Doc’s side, is Staff Sgt. Jacob Meyer, a dedicated crew chief from the 144th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, who helped generate combat sorties over the past three weeks.

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