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Civil Beat Database: State Worker Salaries Have Climbed In The Past Decade

September 26, 2021

From the Civil Beat website

The payroll keeps growing, but the number of public employees in state government has been stable over the last decade.

And while many pay raises have recently been deferred, not even the coronavirus pandemic has changed the size of the workforce significantly.

There were about 48,600 state workers when fiscal year 2022 began July 1, according to employee salary information provided to Civil Beat by government agencies. That total was about 49,000 for fiscal year 2011, and it has hovered around 50,000 for the years in between. 

But the salaries paid to Hawaii’s educators, correctional officers, legislators and other state workers have risen steadily over much of the same period.

Continue reading There is a link to a database to listing the salaries of State employees

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