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9 Things You’ll Regret Keeping in a Safe Deposit Box

September 28, 2021

From the Kiplinger website

No doubt, it’s a digital world. Seemingly anything that matters is stored virtually in the cloud. To that end, a physical safe deposit box comes across as a relic of the bricks-and-mortar past. But don’t be too quick to dismiss the importance of keeping certain valuables securely tucked away in your bank’s vault.

Some examples of things you can keep in a safe deposit box include prized possessions such as baseball cards or jewelry inherited from a relative, for example. A safe deposit box can also offer critical protection for important documents.

But a safe deposit box isn’t a wise choice for everything. We talked to experts to come up with a list of nine things you might come to regret locking away in your bank, which isn’t open nights, holidays or perhaps even weekends.

Access to your safe deposit box could be even more limited during emergencies, including natural disasters (which could be frequent, depending on where you live). The coronavirus pandemic, too, reduced operating hours for some bank branches, and limited access or required appointments for in-branch services, such as access to safe deposit boxes. Moves like that complicate your ability to retrieve important documents or items when you need them.

Experts recommend storing important items that you need to access more frequently or on short notice in a fireproof home safe that’s bolted to the floor. But what are those items? Read on for our list of safe deposit box no-no’s.

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