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Unit Emblems: 464th Fighter Squadron, SE

November 2, 2021

464th Fighter Squadron, SE

Approved by the Army Air Forces for the 464th Fighter Squadron, SE, March 6, 1945. AGO Hawaii GO, February 8, 1947, announced redesignation of the 464th Fighter Squadron, SE to the 199th Fighter Squadron, SE effective May 28, 1947, was endowed with 1946. Thus, the fledgling 199th predecessor, and its history.

Description: Over and through a light red disc, border yellow, a jagged thunderbolt in form of pile-like figure, striking from sinister chief to dexter base, surmounted by a stylized, P-47 aircraft in form of a blue falcon, trimmed red, in flight toward dexter, with machine guns affixed to leading edge of wings, firing forward, proper, all surmounting a large, white cloud formation, edged blue.

Significance: The caricatured, falcon-like aircraft symbolizes the type of planes with which the Squadron is equipped. The highly incensed falcon represents grim purpose, speed and power. Its oversize claws and belly tanks depict operational capabilities of bombing or escort, and the guns signify the lightninglike strike of the bird. In the initial background, potency and swiftness are again exemplified in the form of a golden thunderbolt, which is further tribute to the Squadron’s faith in the P-47. Clouds and sun in the far background designate the aerial battle ground of operations.

History: The 464th Fighter Squadron was activated October 12, 1944, assigned to the 507th Fighter Group. The squadron was inactivated May 27, 1946, in Okinawa. 

The squadron flew 496 operational missions from Ie Shima. The 464th was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation (WD GO 75, July 46) for 13 squadron aircraft shooting down 12 enemy aircraft at Keijo, Korea August 13, 1945. The unit is credited with the following campaigns: Air Offensive, Japan (WD GO 12, February 1946) and Ryukyus (WD GO 75, ]uly 1946).)

The information above is from the Hawaii Air National Guard’s HANG 25 booklet.

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