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Check Six – 1954: T-33 T-Bird and Mechanics

November 10, 2021
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph – click to enlarge

Taken from the HANG 25 Booklet, the History of the Hawaii Air National Guard, November 4, 1946 to November 3, 1971

Year of the Jet – Fiscal Year 1954. The fiscal year started off with exciting news! Word was received that the World War 11 vintage Republic F-47N Thunderbolts were to be replaced within six months with jets – North American F-86E Sabre jets of recent Korean War fame, and several dual-place jet trainers, Lockheed T-33 Showing Stars.

This undated photograph shows aircraft NG-273 with some mechanics and others. One recognizable face is Thomas Kato – fifth for the left kneeling.

The 199th Fighter Squadron flew the Sabres and T-Birds until their conversion to Convair F-102A Delta Daggers in 1960.

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